Van Winkle (2003)

Directed by
Guillermo del Toro

Writing credits
Dan O'Bannon (screenplay)
uillermo del Toro (screenplay)

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Majickal Otherworld (more)

Tagline: Sleep while you can...the war has just begun.

Plot Summary: Professional monster hunter Rip Van Winkle disappears in the Catskill mountains while on the path to kill the bigfoot that killed his father. He awakens almost 200 years later in the midst of a secret supernatural war between bigfoots and (more) (view trailer)

Plot Keywords: Secret World of Magic and Mystery / Implied bigfoot sex / Topless vampire chick / Shotgun decapitation (more)


User Rating: A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? A STAR!? NO STAR!!!!NO STAR!!!!NO STAR!!!!NO STAR!!!!NO STAR!!!!NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! NO STAR!!!! 5.1 / 15 (3,606 votes)

Cast overview, first billed only:

Jared Leto ... Rip Van WInkle
Rachel Weisz ... Annabelle Van Winkle
Ron Perlman ... He of the Foot
Doug Jones ... Lord Meddowych
Paul Giamatti ... Mayor Eisenbaum
Richard Brake ... Russian Vampire Mafia Leader
Karl Urban ... Blackfoot
Korn ... Themselves

Also Known As:

More Yankee Frippery (UK)
Dicktown (Spa)
Message to the People of the Galaxy (Spe)
Das Neus York Monster Krieger XXII (Ger)
Ha'atin' ohn ah Hhmman (Elf)

Runtime: 210 min
Country: CGI New York America
Language: English, Faux Gaelic
Color: Heavily Filtered
Aspect Ratio: (0.0) -(x.x)- Ahhhhhhhh!!!
Sound Mix: Over-orchestrated BS
MOVIEmeter: why?
Certification: UK: Horses for Divorces 13 / Spain: Thuper Grathiath / Space: Human Record of Monster Slaying / Germany: Untz Untz Untz 99 / Elfland: Ga'ay Sh'idht


  • Revealing Mistakes: When Van Winkle puts on his sunglasses just before wasting the Russian Vampire Mafia Don the blue dress of the Russian vampire babe is clearly visible reflected in his sunglasses even though she was topless less than a second earlier.
  • Crew or equipment visible: During the tainted bigfoot battle with the SWAT team the computers creating all the special effects can be seen in the lower left corner. This was corrected for the Mega Director's Cut 5-disc DVD edition.
  • Crew or equipment visible: When Blackfoot is melted into a Sidhe Heartgem he is clearly a stunt double wearing a gem suit.
  • Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): Van Winkle repeatedly beats women who address him without being called upon first and refers to them as "chattel unworthy of speech." Women have not been chattel since the late 1990s.
  • Errors in werewolf lore: Werewolves were not made extinct by vampires. Their primary food source of backpackers was pushed out of its habitat by an Applebees and the werewolves starved or were hit by traffic.


  • During the mountaintop fight large wind generators were brought in to simulate a thunderstorm. Actor Jared Leto blew around the sound stage like a leaf until his ankles were secured to the floor with sailboat anchors.
  • Director trademark: [Guillermo del Toro] A pale, dark-eyed waif who is tougher than she looks.
  • Director trademark: [Guillermo del Toro] Wants to sleep with the female lead, but is afraid to say anything to her so he shoots lots of closeups that he never uses.
  • Director trademark: [Guillermo del Toro] Melted chocolate fingerprints on the film negative.
  • Rachel Weisz received a rambling, 19-page love letter from del Toro the last day of the shoot. In the letter, del Toro compares her to soap and offers to make her the star of a movie based on Alice in Wonderland. She is still in talks with his representatives.

AMDB Memorable Quotes:

He of the Foot: Kill me if you must, Van Winkle.
Rip Van Winkle: You don't remember? 200 years killed my father.
He of the Foot: No!
Rip Van Winkle: Now look at you. Just another filthy bigfoot stalking the back alleys of my city.
He of the Foot: It wasn't me. It was...Blackfoot.
Rip Van Winkle: Why should I believe you, a lying old bigfoot?
He of the Foot: Because I can take you to another. Another...Van Winkle.

Annabelle Van Winkle: You see them too? How??
Rip Van Winkle: I'll explain later! Hand me that crossbow!
Annabelle Van Winkle: Explain now!
Rip Van Winkle: I'm your great-great-great- (shoots a Russian vampire mobster in the heart with the crossbow) great-great-great-great-great-grandfather.
Annabelle Van Winkle: And I thought you were trying to pick me up.
Rip Van Winkle: I work alone. (Frags a dark bigfoot with an incendiary grenade.)

Annabelle Van Winkle: If this Blackfoot has taken over the bigfoots and made an alliance with the Russian vampires, there's only one faction left that might help us.
Rip Van Winkle: No!
He of the Foot: They've always been fair to my people.
Rip Van Winkle: Your people aren't humans. No!
Annabelle Van Winkle: Rip...
Rip Van Winkle: No! I will never make a deal with the elves.

Lord Meddowych: You are the first human to be admitted to the fairy court in over a thousand years. You should feel honored.
Rip Van Winkle: You should feel honored I haven't taken out my sword. It's met a lot of elves.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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