Sat Heezy ethers some more Rap-publicans.

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I must not have gotten the memo, but at some point over the last year, it has become increasingly "cool" and "hip" for a bunch of WASPy trust fund dorks to hijack hip hop (a genre created by minorities that generally speaks about the empowerment of said minorities) to rap about conservative politics (the exact opposite of what was in the previous parentheses).

And whenever a bunch of painfully white, upper class, "I'm not racist, but..."'s decide to jack a popular beat and rap with all the proficiency of Barney Rubble in a Fruity Pebbles commercial, Satellite High will be there to shut them down.

For an older example, here we have WOLVERINES! with their (s)hit, OTP. Who's down with OTP? Every last honky.

And here we have Sat. High destroying them. There are more punchlines here than a Rodney Dangerfield stand up routine, but I've gotta give him special props on the "Role-playing dangerous out on the right, would / you know another place I find a bunch of white hoods?" bit of wordplay.

Actually, I can't even in good conscience start quoting punchlines from this track because I'd just end up quoting the entire goddamn things. Because seriously, dude. Fuck.


Since FUCK IT THIS IS MY ARTICLE, I'm going to go ahead and give a plug to Satellite High. If you wanna check out some dope ass hip hop, catch him on his Facebook or website.

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