Submitted by Rory "Cirrus" Molyneux

Fuck the origins of the universe or the meaning of life or whether or not there is a God; the greatest mystery mankind has ever known is how every part of this fat slob's body managed to balloon up to 400 lbs (presumably by eating most of KMFDM's original lineup) except for his hair.

That about does it for this edition of AwfulVision! Thanks to everyone who submitted a video and special thanks to Charnjit Singh for reminding me to update my security system and change my locks by sending me creepy emails. Just kidding, Charnjit. You know I love you (but for real, my AwfulVision bunker is now protected by landmines and sentry towers).

If you, dear reader, would like to submit a video, you can do that right here. That is a "link" for all you "internet 'newbies'". Click it and all your wildest dreams will come true (assuming your wildest dreams were having your name credited on an internet article that like 3 people read).

Oh, also, sorry we didn't do another blatant MST3k ripoff this week. Shit's crazy right now. We'll do one again next time, only with more "jokes that are actually funny this time" and less "jokes that aren't funny and opening credits and all that horseshit". So, in other words, completely unlike last time. Booyah.

Later, jerks!

– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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