Extreme BassFX - Hot Import Nights

I actually haven't made it all the way through this video because as soon as that bass starts hitting, my bowels spontaneously release. W-w-w-wicked sssssick!!!!!!!!!!

Critics Corner

"i got a Saab cause my dadsÿ a dickhead"


"i'm going to encode this to mp3 and loop it on my alpine deck and infinityÿ reference speakers with single ten inch sub in my ford escort zx2 with armor all tire black and i'm going to laugh and laugh and laugh."


"This is great. Kids think that bass is cool, but any POS sub from Wal-Mart can make bass. Getting high quality sound reproduction takes realÿ engineering. McIntosh, Hertz, Bang & Olufsen, Focal, Boston Acoustics and a few others are the brands that true audiophiles kow about."


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