Submitted by Luke W.

Maybe you should stop putting holes in your walls and start putting holes in your head.

With a gun.

Fuck you bitch. Owned.

Failures Corner

"hey, you know what? I have smashed many walls with my head and fists during my teens, in fact I nearly demolished the house and I got kicked out for that. I didn't mean to sound patronizing, I just think that when someone gets obsessive over a stupid video game that has absolutely no meaning and no productive result, there must be an issue there because he could have used hisÿ time and mind-matter to be creative. I'm not blaming video games but the misuse of them -"


"hahaaha ohÿ man this takes me back to my teens *sigh*

i pointlessly broke so many keyboards, mice and walls at the peak of my game addiction

atleast this guy has acknowledged that hes been a complete tard in the video tho lol..something i could never bring myself to accept"


"i've got this game!!, you can download a .bin file of the game for Linux, but i find theres less errors when i run the windows .exe version ofÿ the game in wine emulator, i know, wine emulator is shit, but with this game you'd be surprised, by the way what is this track called!! I LOVE IT!!!"


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