As the old saying goes, "History is a dish best served cold." This week we're throwing that bullshit expression out the window. It's time to heat history up! We're making it hot and sexy and visceral, like it should be. We're adding action and intrigue, death and destruction, because history has been far too boring for far too long. As you might expect, this means we're not being fully true to the source material, but that's okay. It wasn't that great to begin with. Now sit back and enjoy history as filtered through the Something Awful Forum Goons!

-CHA equates dinosaur extinction with... Bruce Lee? Works for me.

gvonpaul considers his open shirt to be a hot button issue.

In his dreams nulliar solves crimes with the help of an intuitive pterodactyl named P.H.I.L. for the good of Victorian England.

MaxNitwit makes western civ his bitch!

LePoissonDeNoel holds Ronald Reagan in very high regard, not me though. My father was part jellybean.

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