Ceremonies Tournament 2006 (trunc)

Submitted by Paul Rice, Grand Potentate of the YouTube Searchbox

Lest you start to worry that the last video caused you to have a massive stroke, this really is a nearly 11 minute video of a bunch of dorks pretending to be Klingons holding some kind of pretend Star Trek nerd ceremony for their pretend star ship on public property (because they couldn't afford to rent a place to hold their pretend Star Trek nerd ceremony, you see).

In a completely unrelated note, I love videos like this because I don't have to write any jokes. Simply describing the video itself is approximately 10 times funnier than anything I've ever written.

My favorite part is when Lt. Squiz'nar gets promoted to Lt. Cmdr. and you are quickly confronted with some hilarious truths; namely,

  1. Lt. Squiz'nar was our cameraman er... camerawoman er.... cameraklingon.
  2. She is fat, frumpy, pushing 50 and her real name is probably "Debbie".
  3. Despite being a hilarious train wreck herself, the good Lieutenant is still incredibly uncomfortable with the amount of stupid nerd shit at work here.

To Lt. Cmdr. Squiz'nar and all of the fine Klingon warriors of the IKV Melota, I wish them glory and victory in their upcoming battle with waking up Monday morning and shambling off to their shifts at the local paint factory.

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