Thurl Bailey, submitted by Benjamin. Nothing says "class" like the self-promotion that a website can accomplish for you. Thurl Bailey's site says "class" alright. It also says a lot more and not all of it is complementary. Some of it might actually be about killing Thurl Bailey at all costs. Thurl Bailey, for all of Thurl Bailey's bragging and advertising of his terrible music or lame inspirational speaking is rather a moron. But please don't tell Thurl Bailey that I said that because Thurl Bailey might have to use some of his amazing and multi-faceted skills to seek revenge.

In addition to professional speaking, Thurl is a broadcast analyst for the Utah Jazz and the University of Utah, an actor, and an award winning singer/song writer. His first album, Faith In Your Heart, is a compilation of uplifting songs that won several top awards. His latest CD, ‘I’m Not The Same’ is released October 2002 with great reviews and is a fusion of original style R&B and nu soul. He is a devoted family man and the father of five children. TEAMWORK: Will the real MVP please stand.

If you are a true glutton for punishment you will listen to a few of Thurl Bailey's songs or even purchase one of his albums. If you are absolutely psycho you might consider hiring Thurl Bailey to inspirationally speak for you so that Thurl Bailey can say motivating things like, "LEADERSHIP: Don’t pass the buck – pass the ball!” Also read about Thurl Bailey's illustrious basketball career with the Utah Jazz-- oh wait, that section is broken. Maybe you should contact Thurl Bailey and ask Thurl Bailey to replace it with more of Thurl Bailey's excellent "nu soul" r&b. There's a really nice pop-up with a Thurl Bailey mailing list you can join if you really want to be on top of Thurl Bailey, if you know what I mean.

– Snakey Slithers

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