Much like the police force is the thin line separating good from evil, socks are all that stands between your bare feet rubbing against the inside of your shoe. Often, we taken our socks for granted and don't realize what a major difference they make to our lives. That's why I was glad to see a few of our forum goons get together and celebrate our foot-warming friends with a number of amusing sock monsters. Take a look at the following creations and remember to let your socks know how much they mean to you. But try to keep your shoes on if you're in public because no one wants to smell your disgusting foot odor.

Plethora is the name of the silly goose who spends too much time every day making sock puppets, but let's take advantage of her (not that way) and enjoy her efforts.

Her first creation is an Alien, like ALF, ET or The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This monster has a big mouth, and is wanted by many of the Mafia's most powerful capos for squealing.

This photo was taken just seconds before the poor car featured was eaten alive by a nearby frightening beast.

Check out sock Chthulu, straight from the golf course.

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