Newpath4, submitted by exzer0.This is one of those sites that is so mind boggling insane that you just want to pour kerosene into your ear cavity and jump in an active volcano. I read a lot of "Newpath4", way too much really, trying to understand what this raving lunatic is talking about. All I can piece together so far is that "Detroit does not care", which is true I guess, and that some people have way too much time on their hands, a defective mind, and access to the internet. If we were a Communist nation, nut balls like this would be put into the field tending the crops instead of scaring children with rants about inventions and getting ripped off by Ford. Speaking of that, it's come to my attention that not only was Henry Ford an racist man, but his company also created cancer! That's you, you heard it here first. The facts are damning!

1) From 1900-1945, Ford products laid the seeds of cancer and associated diseases, This was the "planting phase". (Planting their hands firmly in our pockets.)

2) From 1945-1980, Ford seeds became proliferated and permeated diffusely into & thru the U.S.; ALL EXPECTANT MOTHERS CARRIED THEM INSIDE EVERY BODY CELL. This was the "germination phase".

3) From 1980-2004, increase of vile diseases affecting children, increased birth defects, increased incapacities ACROSS THE BOARD. This was the "reaping phase". It is the phase we see now at every doctor's office (sick people whose immune systems are not functioning), every Emergency room (impaired judgement causes most accidents), & every cemetery; the cemetery phase.

In dismay, I rest this case. The numbers are all documented elsewhere.

How many lives will it take to get a decent goddamn American hybrid car.

Despite the numbers and facts are all documented elsewhere, I think we have to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. After all, they did rip him off and sell him a lemon even though he was sick, and those bastards didn't believe him because he has a deep voice. That's no way to do business. Really there is so much crazy shit here that I could go on for weeks, but I'd rather not. Reading a few pages of this tripe makes me cranky and gives me the plop plops. Oh by the way, I work for Ford and can confirm that we did indeed create cancer. It was at one of those crazy company Christmas parties, and it got a little out of hand. Sorry.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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