Nurse: What did you do?
Ranccor: I blew up a dead wombat with thermite and a propane tank.
Nurse: Why the fuck did you do that???
Ranccor: For... The... Internet.. . -- Poopelyse

"So what the hell happened to cost you a pinky?" -- Sammus

"can of hairspray" -- Ranccor

"Show us the fingers, Ranccor. Show us all the fingers. Minus that one that is gone. Want to see nine fingers on your Ranccor hand." -- Aesop Poprock

"i said i was hunting rabbits that were eating my grandmas tomoatoes . i shot one and went to grab it and it bit my finger off. the burns were from me putting black powder on it to caturize it. they believed me. i'm not really on the donotfly list. i guess they heard dumber stuff before. my friend has the photo of my had ihave the others here but i need to sleep. hell wake me before i get here. losing flesh takes a lotautta you." -- Ranccor

So when they asked "where is the finger" did you say the rabbit ate it and escaped?? Or you were just like "Oh well, not gonna do me any good to keep it. Might as well leave it here to memorialize this rabbit battle." -- Aesop Poprock


"So the real question is, should today, the day we see the pictures, be dubbed Fingat Day, or should Fingat Day be the day it happened?" -- FreakerByTheSpeaker

"never finget" -- icicle bob

"It was all a fake. I posted that fingat thing just fucking with yall. I'm sorry. So. so. so. Sorry." -- Ranccor

"We're coming for the fingat." -- TequilaJesus

"I am not disappointed in you for lying about your fingat (did you even have any fingats to begin with??), I am disappointed in you for not posting a picture of your hand covered in baked beans." -- Jack MacAskill

Whew, glad everyone's alright! No hard feelings about the troll, Ranccor had a good run. Thanks to all the SA Goon-

Just kidding for I AM THE PUPPIT MASTER! -- Ranccor

Click IF YOU DARE for a gnarly picture of a blown-off finger that belongs to Ranccor (or maybe someone he knows.)

"What is going on

where am I

Is that the fingat stump

Is this real life" -- Dr. Witherbone

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