Here are Ranccor's pictures of the thermite roadkill explosion. Don't worry about scrolling even if you are squeamish, because there is no animal gore or bonus shots of the mangled hand. Only beautiful fire; why does it burn so long?

So, Ranccor (or a Ranccor surrogate) clearly detonated the thermite/"wombat" roadkill/PlayStation2 pyre. Did someone actually lose a finger as a result? We may never know! And now, here's FYAD with closing commentary.

"what kind of fucking idiot plays with explosives because of an internet forum?" -- HQ Montel Xvids

"a really cool one? you fucker moron?" -- Ponyclit Tickler

"im going to sue this forum and its bad influence mod challenge for *holds severed pinky up to corner of mouth* one tenbux dollars" -- All About Trout

what a coincidence, here's another four fingered clown being dumb in a hospital -- Volte

"either it's real and a guy blew his finger off with dead wombat thermite, or it's fake and a guy pretended to blow his finger off with dead wombat thermite and put a lot of effort into the illusion. either way, we win." -- TroutFishin4Ever

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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