Gay Hitler

Update: gary still chillin, no new eggs

Are these eggs already fertilized or are they just going to dry out without another stink bug?

Jerry Mumphrey

fertilize them yourself just in case
little stinkbugs walking around with a human face


I'm a stinkbug expert and what you have there is a lot of tiny poops on your plant. Stinkbug does not respect you.


disappointing lack of stinkbugcam


what if we miss their first precious moments

what then op what then

Gay Hitler

I remembered there being 14 eggs, but now I only see 13, one of which looks pretty fucked up.

not sure if it hatched or dried out or what. don't see any creepy crawlies other than stinky mama herself

Gay Hitler

this is the most exciting thing to happen to me in at least the last 5 years

Dicky Longcocking

Quit your boring office job and become a professional insect breeder. You've found your true passion.

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