Gay Hitler

No new eggs

No new bugs

I'm wondering if these eggs are duds

Gay Hitler

here's mama stinker

she does look much darker than she did before

is she fucked? haha i mean she already is laying eggs so she got fucked, but is she dying or anything?

she moves around the tree and seems happy enough

This all started when my coworker saw the bug on my shoulder after I came in from outside and placed the bug at the base of the tree.

I guess she likes it because she has been living on it for like two weeks now and hasn't tried to leave

heres the tree, burger king crown for scale

there are like half as many eggs now and no babby bugs in sight, not sure what happened

Gay Hitler

Update: i cant find a single egg. they are all gone. i looked all around the tree, and it doesn't look like they fell or anything. i'd expect to at least see some egg casings, right?

regardless, assuming she can survive on this tree, i think she will try again. internet seemed to suggest they lay like 400 eggs over the course of the summer, and she's 14 eggs in on this plant, so i'm expecting another batch if she can survive

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