Let's hang out with TiCK and check out a couple of cool submissions.

I'm sure there's already 56 websites devoted to a new fetish created by Vexios' little friend.

When it comes to the Eyes:Nipples ratio, Woolie Wool is always going to have winning odds.

Finally, Zutaten recreated all of the horrifying characters from your favorite Nickelodeon show, Keenan and Kel.

Clearly, we're in a wonderful age when the majority of internet users given unlimited power choose to first create a race of monsters which look like they are giving a face full of stretched anus. Thanks to all of the SA goons from funny forums such as GBS, FYAD, Games and YCS for contributing your Spore-ites. I think BYOB also had a similar idea, but there is absolutely no reason to read that forum. There's still a lot of life left in this not-quite-dead horse, so I'll continue to beat it another time. Join me next week for another unpredictable, unbelievable and unprepared Comedy Goldmine!

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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