Hobophobe posted:

Go to the internet and make sure it is turned on. Navigate to the internet.

The terminal is on. I require a vessel to insert the virus. Awaiting supplies.

Slore Tactician posted:

Compliment the computer!

Hohenheim posted:

Type "Goatse.cx"

Jumpman16 posted:

Now type "Set as msn.com homepage"

I hear screams coming from inside the building.

Awaiting virus transport.

Rubber Tucky posted:

Type "Send Spike."

I feel slightly less vulnerable!

Still awaiting virus transport.

alien project posted:

cough all over the screen, that's how you give shit viruses

There seems to be no effect.

IronSpatula posted:

Virus transported. Get ready to insert my hard, virustastical 8" disk.

Inserting disk.

Virus insertion complete. Awai—


That does it for this two-part Goldmine. I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks again to Forums Goon Oplem and the forums for their conribution.

– Tekky "Jumpman16" Andrew-Jaja

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