Krinkle posted:

See if you can distract the human with any purses you still have on you. If she agrees, trade them for access to her terminal.

This human is resistant. It refuses and says "No, Max, I will not go on another date with you."

What is Max?

It appears this human is of low clearance and does not have access to the high access clearance to the internet I need. It is useless.

Saepiroth posted:

This one appears to be diseased: note the large tumors on the upper segment of its torso! Quickly, strike them! It may spread!

Leovinus posted:

Max is Human for "unless you best me in a fight".


Commencing attack on tumors!

Krinkle posted:

Assert your dominance by showing how wide you can unhinge your jaw.

It seems impressed.

Perhaps we should continue our mission, commander?

DSA_Key posted:

Give her the human compliment and continue past her.

"Nice ass."

I have arrived at a pair of metal portals.

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