NE1410S - I say, who's up for tennis?
54807463 - Listen all y'all, it's a
~IR - Tilda Swinton In Room

King Vidiot

RTPW - Remove thine pantaloons, wench
ARIMUD - A rattlesnake is in my underwear drawer
IA@BM - I am at Bat Mitzvah
HSIHHL - Holy shit I have head lice
IWKASH - I wasn't kidding about the snake, help


BbP - Bewildered by parsimony
TBFFR- Trounced by fate's fickle rudder
EBaVoT - Enthralled by a vestige of tiffin
DMHV - Damn my hebdomadal visitations
LD2SM - Languescent due to spiritual malaise


DWIKAJ - Don't Worry, I Know A Jew
RCAMHAB - Right Chuffed About Me Hole And Bollocks
LIACITM - Let's Introduce Asian Carp Into The Mississippi


PPOVIAN - Put Phone On Vibrate, In Ass Now
SROMS&IDWTW - Somebody Ripped Off My Speakers and Installed Dildos Where They Were


ETIBP- Extra time in ball pit

Hustlin Floh

JTAHD : Just Touched A Haunted Dick 


UNRAOMP - Your Nudes Are All Over My Phone
LIPTO - Literally, I Printed Them Out
NICUMP - Now I Cant Use My Phone
DHITT - Dunno How I'm Texting This


NATFWJC- not about to fuck with john cena

garbage day

MWC: A reference to the 2014 Adam Sandler/Jennifer Garner film 'Men, Women and Children,' MWC reminds the recipient that constant social-media interaction might be limiting their ability to form/maintain 'irl' relationships. Extremely rarely used.

Ork of Fiction

M - Murder

this sweet move

HWTITABAWLBHATTYCABYU - hi we're teens into tech and bitcoin and we lick butt holes all the time. you're children are beyond your understanding

Thanks to Lowtax for the theme, Scrub Lover for the images and the SA Goons for the acronyms!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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