Your fellow classmates aren't the only ones who will try to make your academic life a living hell.

lol! Self-deprecating humor is pretty sophisticated when your professor uses it, Adoon!

TA's like these make me glad that I concentrated in English, AngryTurtle.

Do you think he knows the correct way to address the obvious need for an updated version of the textbook, Ryguy005?

You can always blurt out a pseudo-intellectual know-it-all "question" before he erases if you want to stall for some sorely needed note-taking time, Iktipiath.

I guess sometimes it extends beyond the realm of internet forums, Icequeen.

jerk's professor might not realize that the manufacturing and production costs of these handouts at times exceed that of the original textbook over the course of the whole semester. Or maybe he just doesn't care. Probably both.

Just hang on to the book and sell it to some poor underclassman next year for like 80%, ih8ualot.

When you're getting your test back, TheVaultDweller, just convince your TA that you deserve full credit for the problem by animatedly explaining your thought process and steps. Scribble arrows and notes quick enough and they'll be forced to see it your way.

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