The Silly Nerd Police have yet to arrive! Where are they!?? What is taking so long?!?!!?!?!

"Colorfinger" shows by creating this masterpiece that he has looked at a whole lot of bad porn starring a fat little hairy man with a rather large wiener. Poor, poor Colorfinger.

"Continental" did a good job using his mouse and fingers when making this movie poster. If this movie existed, I'd eat it I would like it so much. Get it? EAT IT!!?...Wait.

"Continental" also blessed us with a second movie, this time celebrating good old Sun Microsystems. Sun, you still owe me $57,348 for that time I did that one thing with the stuff for you. Remember?

"Dextor" shows his frustration with a catchphrase which has become the equivalent to a hot bleach enema:

"DipesXP" made this poster in honor of the video card he just can't part with. This is probably because it is surgically sown into his tricep.

"Dutchie" made another poster of this famous movie, and it would seem that this time Microsoft has gotten bolder about promoting their head honcho. Although he does sort of look like Stephen Hawking here...

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