Having a child isn't all fun times and witty quips, like the movie Juno. In reality, it's a lengthy process filled with pain and suffering, like watching the movie Juno. After the kid pops out, your life will never be the same again. What do the forum goons fear most about one day raising an offspring of their own? For most of them it won't matter since no one of the opposite sex can stand to look at them, let alone hold a desire to procreate with them, but for kicks' sake let's check out the inevitable horrors that come from raising a child.

Let's get things underway with burexas.irom and his hatred of flags displaying the letter Y.

Canis Ex Machina fears the day that his offspring will ignore the sage advice of the one they call "Ebert".

If you play Corridor's contribution backwards you get a Slimfast commercial.

Two things drive Cosima up the wall; crying babies and coloring in the bottom right hand side of pictures.

Don't worry, Kamoc. Things won't be so bad. Your kid will be incredibly popular at parties when everyone finds out they can store chips in his head like a bowl.

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