This week, the forum goons have been hard at work convincing friends, relatives and unfortunate strangers to participate in a simple experiment. All the participant had to do was draw popular cartoon character Homer Simpson. It seemed easy enough, but no one could prepare for the amount of bizarre contributions they were given. Our goons asked for drawings of Homer, but what did they receive?

A black person was given a cross between E.T. and Tweetie Pie.

Ace of Fours received something one step up from an urban artists' rendition of a Leprechaun.

AlanNegative was handed an illustration of Dhalsim.

bobula was delighted to find this drawing of Mr Clean with a lip infection.

BoiledHand got a drawing of what was supposed to be the beginnings of a Marge, but clearly resembles a crudely sketched penis.

Cowabunga! Bread Zeppelin found himself with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

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