The end of an unforgettable era. That's the only way to describe the current situation in American politics. Very soon, the term of George W. Bush will draw to an end. Life must go on, but where do we go from here? How can we best harness the creative talents of all the bloggers, photoshoppers and webcomic artists who created such memorable portraits of Bush as a monkey, Bush swimming in oil or Bush starting a war? Thankfully, there's going to be a new fall guy in place. Already, the forum goons have been working hard on humiliating the current crop of presidential candidates. Well, since this is an internet site targeted towards 18-30 year old middle class white mates, 99% of the content was used to mock John McCain. Enjoy the following gifs and don't forget your duty in the coming weeks to keep the White House white!

ACanofPepsi's middle name is Hussein.

Aegri Somnia can't lift his arms above his head.

ChernobylHug is taking this election to the MAX.

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