The Olympics are on, and everyone is doing their best and having fun. However, why isn't there a The Olympics for computer guys? Since our site metrics show that over 90% of you would willingly read an article exploring this concept, here's some posts from the computer idiots on the SA Forums!

Fuzzy Mammal

speed computer building: video starting with a bunch of unopened oem components to boot to desktop. no igpus.

traditional and freestyle overclocking: highest absolute value and highest percentage overclock. air, water and exotic cooling categories. fsb double pumping ftw.

case mod showcase: perennially plagued by judging controversies. i heard all the russian competitors dope.


attrition competition: most consecutive hours on chair of choice. dying is disqualification


10 meter basement stair climb.

The Management

Patch Tuesday cross country - apply latest patches to 10 machines built by owner's son all with different hardware.


The Unwanted Upgrade Whine-a-thon

the help desk just mandated that your machine had to be upgraded to windows 10. participants must race to return to a state of nominal productivity afterwards.

  • get past all the "welcome to windows 10" crap in every application
  • Find your allegedly-backed-up files
  • discover they didn't give you admin rights and argue with the desktop support team until they do
  • install a worthwhile browser and recover what bookmarks you can
  • call the helpdesk twice to get the VPN crap installed again


AOL discus throw


Salary race: Everyone has to say their salary and the highest earner wins

The Management

blind back of machine cable plugging

Cat Face Joe

plugging a usb cable in on the first try

creationist believer

biathlon alt-tabbing between skifree and doom

Powerful Two-Hander

competitive weight


100 story point sprint


the 100 meter em dash

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