Thallium will fight until his dying day for robotic tits to be recognized as art.

The final two contributions come from Virion. One is a fascist female robot, the other is a cheap build-it-yourself robot. Guess which is which and win absolutely nothing.

Error. Error. Comedy overload. Your browser cannot compute so much hilarity. Please do not worry, that was just me playing around, your internet connection is working perfectly aside from all of the spyware you download every time you visit these disgusting sites you seem to like so much. Yes, THOSE sites. But unfortunately this week's Goldmine is finished. I just sacrificed a live pig as a gesture of thanks to all of the forum goons who contributed and helped with the creation of this article. There is fresh pork being sent to all of you. Will next Tuesday's Comedy Goldmine be here in a week's time, or will I be hit by a bus within the next few days? The only way to find out is to keep visiting Something Awful, and offering up the souls of farm animals to the Gods while praying keep me safe.

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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