I Was The Fury

"Okay guys it's the haiku one, you get bonus consideration for making an actual haiku hahaha"

Winning combo: two midgets sitting into a bucket, Oprah Winfrey sobbing while eating a lean cuisine, batman

"I mean I know the others were haikus but this one is just so hilarious guys hahahaha"


Everyone's smiles slowly fading like the end of the Graduate as they realize that there's one person who will never want to stop playing.


"Oh goddammit Dave you were supposed to read the bottom card FIRST"


*draws a card after placing one down*
*violently laughing*
"oh man! this card woulda been PERFECT!"


Nobody in this Wiccan circle is enjoying the game, but Betty's son brought it and Jean keeps eyeing the 30-year-old Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition, and if she asks to play someone's going to murder her with a crochet set they were using to create small bags for holding crystals that help to align the four directions.


"hahaha omg im totally gonna go to hell for this one guys lol"


"if you had to describe me, the card czar, using only one of the cards in your hand, which one w-"
*looks up to see everyone already placing a card down.*

"...okay uh let's see here. we have:
- probably gay. well that was fast
- words, words, words. hahaha true
- depression. harsh
- firing a rifle into the air while b.. pfft.. balls d-deep in a squ HAHAHAHA OH MY GOD"

*wiping tears from my face as I catch my breath*

"words, words, words"


"what the... this celebrity isn't gay at all, i think you're playing the game wrong"

tao of lmao

I'm a very literal judge. I'll pick an answer that makes sense over an answer that makes me laugh. I feel this is only fair.

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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