Chris cornel (sitting in front of mixing board): Yeah the 90s were just a crazy time.. Myself and Ed had an idea for a song where basically we didn't want to feed on the powerless, and the cups already over filled [chuckles]. It was wild times, of course we had a lot of distorded guitar riffs and shouting too so people knew we werent gay for each other.


Chris cornel at the bar: Hey baby how would you like to fuck a guy who doesnt mind stealin bread from the mouth of decadent... whatever dumbass bitch haha.. my cups already overfilled anyway lol. and i was never gay with Eddie


its incredible how not gay they are in that video. even in the part where theyre together, notice, eddie is singing in the wheat and chris is facing the other way rocking out on the guitar and waving it around like a real man. you can tell they never wanted to fuck each other. they just wanted to sing a song about going hungry, and it worked


Chris and i were really straight when we recorded that. its funny to, cause during the filming, chris pointed out that the turtle neck i wore in the wheat is the kind that you would fuck chicks in. i think we got laid after that too haha and not with each other

Trevor Weedheart

*harmonizes about grain straightly*


[emerges from the wheat field] well its on the table


emergin' from wheat (emergin' from wheaaaaaaaayeaaaheaaaheat)

Davelord Cheeto


Daikatana Ritsu


*flips past channels* *stops at eddie vedder emerging from the wheat* me gusta

Thanks to WET BUTT/manyak for turning Temple of the Dog appreciation into a holiday tradition!

– WET BUTT (@wettbutt)

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