Shelltron kindly gave us this insight into a look at the life of a gender-bending Belushi impersonator.

Add TerraRyzin's cat to your Top 8 today.

Twisted Echidna loves nothing more than to jam out to The Byrds on his custom made, feathered guitar.

When it comes to wrapping up these articles, there's nun better than Underwater Shoe.

What an interesting learning device. I hope that these images have taught you an important lesson about life, and how important it is that we cherish each and every moment we have on this planet. For one day, it will all be gone. Thanks as always to the forum goons for their uplifting look on the frailties of human existence. Next week's Goldmine will be another rousing trip taking you to a better place where you can feel good about yourself. Or if I'm too busy, I'll recycle an old article about tits.

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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