Zack: I feel like the artist was told to illustrate an ape shaman and a horrible spider monster and went ahead and crammed as much boob into the picture as possible.

Steve: That's not fair though it's just being realistic. Like the woman on the left is clearly a raver lady in a corset with mondo breast implants and then the lady on the right is an Amazon woman.

Zack: With underboob and a g-string?

Steve: It is their culture.

Zack: I think I even see some singles in her garter.

Steve: You're allowed to tip, but you pay Doctor Zaius for your dance.

Zack: I'm guessing he got his medical license online.

Steve: The Asian-influenced steampunk version of Phoenix.

Zack: "You want dance with Mug Mug? I throw in biotic kale shake. Eliminate toxins from body."

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