Zack: I wanted to start things off tame with this one. It's going to get a lot worse, folks. Just a heads up.

Steve: This picture looks good to me.

Zack: Pretty standard fare for RPGs and video games pandering to a majority male audience. Nothing shocking, really, except the quantity. Exalted features breasts in almost every picture.

Steve: My kind of game.

Zack: They don't care if it's a necromancer woman, an assassin, or a monster lady. They will all have huge breasts prominently displayed.

Steve: I don't understand why people are suddenly all up in arms over boobs. Boobs are great. Should they be hidden away in shame? Let's put them out there.

Zack: Rather than lecture you about male gaze and objectification, which I think you know and you're just playing dumb, I am going to point out that MONSTER LADIES DON'T NEED TITS.

Steve: Yeah, but they don't don't need boobs either.

Zack: Do you eat candy for every meal?

Steve: Define candy.

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