Steve: Hey, I heard your new book is coming out in a couple weeks!

Zack: July 28th, Steve, but can we not talk about it here?

Steve: You told me to talk about your book earlier. You said when we finish part one I should talk about Your Dragon Next Door.

Zack: We will be back soon with part two.

Steve: Is it a D&D book?

Zack: No, Steve.

Steve: Is it a novel?

Zack: No.

Steve: A Battletech technical readout?

Zack: Yes. That's right. Throwback stuff. All Inner Sphere.

Steve: Alright. That's awesome. My favorite mech was the Hunchback. Only 50 tons but it packed the power of the AC20. Is the Hunchback in your book?

Zack: Yes, Steve, my book is mostly about the Hunchback.

Steve: That's cool. There were some pretty sweet loadouts you could do for that.

Zack: We will return with the thrilling conclusion of Fiend Folio!

Steve: I liked the Phoenix Hawk too. Oh, man, it was a LAM. Remember those? That stuff was awesome. It was the same as Robotech transforming planes, which was also the same as that Transformers robot. That was so awesome when everything would just rip everything else off.

Steve: So what other mechs are in your book?

Steve: Did you include any original ones?

Steve: You still there?

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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