Steve: Selkies are classic dude. They're like real mythology or something.

Zack: I'm beginning to get the feeling about a fourth of D&D monsters are shapeshifters designed to trick people into having sex with something scary or gross.

Steve: It's not like the Selkie Crying Games you though dude. She's all hot and makes a move and then after you do it she turns into a seal.

Zack: You're basically doing it with an animal if you have a baby with this thing. It's a seal.

Steve: Uh, no, it's a shapeshifter, which is its own category.

Zack: "Arrr, I be married to the seal."

Steve: I can't agree with your logic, but having been on the receiving end of many a trick lady in D&D, I will agree with your basic premise. D&D is very hard on true romantics like me.

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