Steve: This has been traumatic for several reasons.

Zack: I'd like to think of it as more of a wake up call than a trauma.

Steve: What is this thing? Is that a cookie sword? I don't even know anymore, we've looked at so many of these.

Zack: Just another horrible monster with nonsensical design. Sort of a cross between a devil pimp and a rocking horse.

Steve: Great workout routine though. Really good Bally's in the City of Brass.

Zack: How does it feel to have finally broken into 3rd Edition?

Steve: I was excited at first and now I feel sort of sick and depressed. It's like if your hero was Batman and then you went into a burrito place and you saw Batman just screaming his head off about them getting his order wrong. Really just laying into these poor Mexican guys who barely speak English and threatening them way beyond what is necessary.

Zack: That's what you got out of this?

Steve: That and I think you made me stare at a bloody butt.

Zack: Me? No. Wizards of the Coast did that to you, Steve. I just highlighted the details.

Steve: Thanks.

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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