Steve: How is this not completely freaking kick ass? It's the logical evolutionary step.

Zack: Ha ha! Right on, Steve. Put wings on a shark, fucking way to go WotC. How do you come up with this stuff?

Steve: It's the Piranha model. Piranha 1, normal piranha, Piranha 2: The Spawning and you're looking at flying piranha. It's simple evolution.

Zack: So let's just go through all the monster manuals and put wings on everything that doesn't have them. Pretty "freaking kick ass?"

Steve: Uh, yeah. Who wouldn't be afraid of a winged blink dog? A winged bulette?

Zack: Maybe write that one in to WotC. That's another Monster Manual right there. Wings.

Steve: You're being sarcastic. I can tell by the way you're not saying something obviously mean.

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