Steve: Aw hell! The booger is pissed.

Zack: "I saw this amazing booger on the way into work. I really think we should do a monster based on boogers."

Steve: Brain collector is just another way of saying brain hoarder. You need help, Neh-thalggu.

Zack: This is the sort of pointless, repulsive, bullshit monster that says, "bad inside joke" to me. Like there was some guy they all hated at TSR named Glen Guthah and so they made the brain-eating booger monster as an insult. "Ha ha, it eats brains, because, like Glen is destroying our creativity."

Steve: Glen probably trashed their autognome idea.

Zack: "He comes in here with his giant worm agenda and just bullies everybody. And see, since he wears glasses we can give him four eyes, and, like no hair just these little wisps since he's going bald. Ha ha, fucking owned you Glen."

Steve: When you put it that way I instinctively side with Glen on this issue. More giant worms!

Zack: Creative people always try to put one over on the man thinking we're smart. We're really not all that smart.

Steve: Or that creative.

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