Zack: Pictured here seconds before the combine drives over her.

Steve: Hey, why is there a nipple in my bread?

Zack: "Honey, you've been spending a lot of time out in the field late at night. What is going on out there?"

Steve: I mean, it would rule to have a naked grain babe in your field, but what happens to her when you finally harvest your crops? You're just setting yourself up for tragedy.

Zack: *fails save versus gluten* "Augh, my celiac!"

Steve: I wonder if it's just grain or if she could pop up in any crop.

Zack: I'm sure there is a farmer with a basement full of grow lights and sticky that sure could use some resiny ho rolling around naked.

Steve: Did you know, like, you can make 1800 different products from industrial hemp. They even have bricks made out hemp. So, like, uh, you can build a house and have a naked titty lady hanging out in your backyard, if, uh, I forgot what I was gonna say.

Zack: Nymph, Cocaine.

Zack: "Let's see how Little Miss Cocaine likes smuggling us up her butt."

Steve: I think I'd like to see Nymph, Melon.

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