Steve: Rounding the corner you are assaulted by the strong smell of evil. You spy a man holding a staff and a small blade. He shakes with surprise and turns to you, a cruel sneer on his face.

Zack: I can sneer just as cruel. I charge forward with my sneer face ready and I attempt to chop him with my sword.

Steve: It is definitely Bhir-Vedi. He has Amrastisi tied down to a sacrificial altar.

Zack: "Let her go, Baskin Robins. Your shadow reign of terror is at its end."

Steve: As if on cue, multiple shadow creatures come slithering into existence.

Zack: That's it, I am sword attacking this fool and getting Amrastisi off the altar.

Steve: He blasts you with spells, knocking you back, but he proves unable to stop your warrior heart with his magic. You chop his head in half.

Zack: "Gunt triumphs again!' I bellow, wildly fist pumping. "Suck on it, NERDS!"

– Zack Parsons and Steve "Malak" Sumner (@sexyfacts4u)

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