Zack: They make him look all scary because of his spikes, but there is something vaguely friendly about this dude.

Steve: Just once I would like to see one of these horror bugs in Rifts be really good people. Just friendly and gregarious. Looking out for others. No ulterior motives.

Zack: According to the book, this guy is a Gatherer. Which are like aggressive hoarders that also hoard people.

Steve: That doesn't sound so bad.

Zack: Right? Except they serve Inix, the Soul Worm who terrorizes sentient beings and rules over the city of Cibola.

Steve: Still...

Zack: That's just adorable.

Steve: It reminds me of when a kitten tries to climb up a bed and it's just sort of hanging there peeking over the top.

Zack: D'awwww. It's okay little buggy dudes. Your flying oven trays are cool too, even if you do serve a soul worm.

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