Steve: "Hey, Juan, have you seen my assault rifle? I know I put it down here somewhere."

Zack: Modern military forces do not wear enough bracers.

Steve: Yeah they seem to be strapping their body armor straight onto their skin. That is going to cause all sorts of rashes.

Zack: They spent so long finding every little camouflaged strap and foot guard and the nine pieces of their camouflaged shoes that they didn't have time to put on a t-shirt.

Steve: Keep in mind that this is probably the least goofy picture we're going to show you.

Zack: Yeah, this is all the way down at Star Wars levels of goofy. Which is super goofy, but somehow a flying ball bag wearing a dough boy helmet gets mainstreamed.

Steve: It's called the Sebulba Window. You hate it, then you laugh at it and then you're cheering a pod race.
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