Steve: Siembieda just checking in here with another superfluous list of guns for your characters to be shot with.

Zack: They always look the same and the stats in a game like this does not really have a level of detail that warrants all these different boring shapes for doing damage.

Steve: Dude, this one includes wooden rockets to shoot vampires.

Zack: I'm pretty sure one of the Rifts books had the stats for 20 different squirt guns. No joke.

Steve: You need just the right Super Soaker for every combat scenario.

Zack: Bucket of Water, 6D6 underneath a three tone shaded sketch of a bucket with a digital readout on the side.

Steve: Garden Hose, Full Auto, 3D6, unless you put your thumb over it and then it becomes a cone attack weapon like a shotgun.

Zack: Bath Tub, the Coalition's ultimate equalizer against the vampires.

Steve: Yeah, we're vampires that die when we get hit with water. Let's set up our base in a rain forest.

Zack: Rain, 6D6 x 10, area of effect under a three tone shaded sketch of a raindrop.

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