Zack: Well, we only have a couple Latinos in our book about South America, but we have lots and lots of lizard men.

Steve: I've seen some pretty convincing Youtube videos over the years. I'm not saying it checks out, but, it's plausible.

Zack: Wait.

Steve: I mean, the evidence is mounting. It can't be ignored.

Zack: Stop.

Steve: Their eyes change sometimes and their true nature is revealed.

Zack: So are you saying that Latinos are actually reptilians?

Steve: No way, dude, that would be super racist.

Zack: Whew.

Steve: I'm just saying if the reptilians have a base on earth, why not the jungles of South America? There are a lot of snakes and lizards they can hang out with and it's not like there are any important human cities or anything.

Zack: Therrrrrre it is.

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