Zack: Your light saber snaps open and you hurl it across the dressing room. It slices through flowers and a melon and bursts open a case of space Cokes and chops Yadda in half directly through his middle.

Steve: Oh no!

Steve: Long ways or sideways?

Zack: His head and arms go one way and his legs go the other way. He looks up at you in bug-eyed shock and says, "You gotta finish the concert for me."

Steve: Wait! Don't die on me, little buddy. Come on.

Zack: "I'm dead, man."

Steve: Is he dead?

Zack: You use your keen intelligence and determine that he is actually asleep. Your light saber cauterized his wound and he is just sleeping.

Steve: Lucky break for the Blurg-man. Alright, he has given me a sacred task and I have to complete it. Do I know any of his songs?

Zack: You feel pretty confident that you know all of his songs.

Steve: Okay, here's my plan. I'm going to take his top half and put it on my shoulders and just put his head through the hole cut in the brown sheet on my costume. Then I am going to hold his legs and get on my knees and sort of make it look like he is walking.

Zack: You feel like this is a great idea.

Steve: Awesome. Doing it then.

Zack: After a few minutes there is a knock on the door. "Five minutes, Yadda. They're all waiting for you."

Steve: How do I look in the mirror?

Zack: Looks great to you. Just like Yadda is alive and fine and wearing a huge Gorax costume.

Steve: Alright! Showtime!

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