Steve: This is probably the worst name for a character ever. Is there some place we can check?

Zack: if you watch those old 1930s science fiction serials this is how they thought future people would dress.

Steve: I think there were about two years in the 1980s where women were dressing like this. Somewhere between the leg warmers and the shoulder pads.

Zack: Mismatched Renaissance Pirate, the fall collection.

Steve: But he's cool because he's mysterious.

Zack: Until you find out the reason he whispers all the time and never looks anyone in the eye is because he has Asperger's.

Steve: Did I tell you Jamie has Asperger's now?

Zack: No, you didn't. Did he contract it from the Internet?

Steve: I'm afraid so. He browsed the wrong Wikipedia page and that's it. Curtains for him.

Zack: Fortunately he can turn those curtains into a shirt and pants and karate fight people.

Steve: [Inaudible whisper]

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