"She-Wolf of the S.S. Enterprise"

Zack: Some of Wegman's edgier stuff here.

Steve: I was gonna ask, is that just a dog dressed in people clothes or is it some sort of dog man?

Zack: Wolfmen exist in the realistic sci-fi setting of Traveller. The game that forces you to use calculus to determine starship fuel requirements has bipedial sentient wolves and they wear blazers. Thank you for playing Traveller.

Steve: Bro, you sound hostile to Traveller.

Zack: I tried to play it once many years ago.

Steve: What happened?

Zack: Nothing yet, we're still rolling up our characters.

Steve: I'd have more of a problem with this dude than the math or whatever. I mean, I got nothing against furries, but I don't know if I can play a game with furries.

Zack: Don't let your modern prejudices ruin a perfectly good wolfman. Traveller had animal people long before furries existed as anything other than dudes jacking off to Ducktales.

Steve: Does that mean I can play Furcadia again?

Zack: That depends on how often you jack off to Ducktales.
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