"Can't Take the Sky From Me"

Steve: I don't really understand this picture. I get the drama with the cowboy and the Predator, but is that ship above them? Is it in front of them? What's going on?

Zack: Maybe it's a speech bubble. The Predator is trying to explain the spaceship to the Browncoat using hand gestures.

Steve: "Have you seen my spaceship? It looks a whole lot like a Romulan spaceship from Star Trek. Like pretty much some lazy dude copied that."

Zack: "Oh, wait, never mind, it's back there hovering above that topographical map."

Steve: And then he makes a bunch of clicking noises and shoots that dude's chest out with his shoulder cannon.

Zack: Get Joss Whedon on the horn. Tell him we've got season 2 of Firefly all planned out.

Steve: Aw man, that show ruled. The only thing that could make it better would be Predators.

Zack: And more teenage girls with superpowers beating up the men who sexually menace them.

Steve: In half shirts so you can see their abs. And no bra.

Zack: Whedon is gonna love this!

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