Zack: This is from the Book of Nod. It is literally an entire book of this crap. Horrible poetry and homoerotic pictures.

Steve: Roses and zebras, angels and wheat. Powerful stuff dude.

Zack: This is post Garden of Eden guys put some fucking shirts on.

Steve: Remember last time we did vampire you explained about twinks to me?

Zack: Vaguely.

Steve: I think Nod is where all the twinks came from. Like these two dudes angel twink and mopey twink had twink babies.

Zack: Hmmm, an origin story for twinks. Somebody get Mark Rein-Hagen on the phone and tell him we have his next splatbook.

Steve: It worked for Gypsies.

Zack: That's highly debatable.

Zack: I've got to warn you, Steve. Our next one is pretty horrible. Sensitive viewers should not go to the next page.

Steve: I'm a pretty sensitive viewer. Should I skip it?

Zack: You should, but you can't. Be brave. This is our duty.

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