Steve: You fascists! Eff the pigs!

Zack: The fatmarines finally catch up with Banksy 40,000.

Steve: "MARINES LOL? I don't even get it. What does it mean, Sergeant?"

Zack: "Oi I dunno mate, was just eating these jelly babies. Just give him a warning and a knock on the head. Something to remember us fatmarines by."

Steve: Aren't these dudes supposed to be like the super soldiers of humanity? How come they're all fat and not even as tall as the graffiti artist guy?

Zack: Back in the Rogue Trader days there were actual MPs in Space Marine units and unlike in later books half the pictures of the marines were pictures of them dying.

Zack: Until one of the Orks wanted to race for pinkslips!

Steve: I always thought Warhammer lacked hoverbike races. It really needed more competitive movement in general.

Zack: Stupid stuff like this and the fatmarines hassling some punk are the equivalent of watching the original Star Wars and suddenly random scenes from Phantom Menace show up out of nowhere. Like Luke starts podracing and getting his DNA tested.

Steve: What's wrong with all that? That sounds excellent.

Zack: Orks and humans are racing in the streets on hoverbikes.

Steve: Wizard!

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