Zack: That gypsy is trying to steal my guitar!

Dr. Thorpe: Ani DiSkanko

Zack: I'm digging her whole Melissa Etheridge on chemo look she's rocking.

Dr. Thorpe: Hey, is that Lou Diamond Phillips' guitar!?

Zack: Is that David Crosby's semen?

Dr. Thorpe: Wait a minute... how long ago did the Crosby/Etheridge kid happen? Could it be...?

Dr. Thorpe: Seriously, imagine her with a soup-stained mustache. It's uncanny.

Zack: Right now I'm trying to imagine what is chasing her out of frame. Whatever it is, it's big.

Dr. Thorpe: Maybe the giant purple-haired girl has come to steal her sucker.

Zack: I doubt she could stop with a sucker. That poor gypsy girl is going to be reduced to hollowed-out bones in about fifteen seconds. Then that purple-haired girl will be hunching around with the tatters of her shirt clinging to the immense lumps of her shoulders.

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