Zack: Joanna entered the giant clock and was never heard from again.

Steve: If her gun ran out of bullets it would take a really long time to get them off her leg and put them into her gun.

Zack: Fashion trumps reloading efficiency. In this case looking like the S&M queen of the Swatchwerks was more important.

Steve: I wonder who she is going to fight in the clock.

Zack: Charlie Chaplin and maybe a couple of the guys from Rammstein.

Steve: This is a dumb picture though, because why shrink her down tiny and put her in the clock? That has to be expensive. Why not just throw that clock away and buy a new one?

Zack: Maybe she's inside a stopwatch that is keeping time at a hotdog eating contest.

Steve: I would just start the contest over. It's not worth the trouble.

Zack: You have no idea how much money goes into the sponsorship deals of those hotdog eating contests.

Steve: I won a cakewalk once at a school fundraiser when I was like eight. That was a dollar per person and there were dozens of people, so like 40 bucks.

Zack: Totally different. Pro-cakewalkers don't get anything near the endorsement deals of a professional hotdog eater. Some of those guys get literally hundreds of dollars from a single appearance.

Steve: Think about how many clocks that money could buy.

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