Zack: I wonder where you can buy a lace shooter's doiley.

Steve: Can we skip this one?

Zack: What is it?

Steve: Nothing. I just don't like it. It's boring.

Zack: Is it the backdrop that makes it look like she's posing in a Sears catalog from the 80s?

Steve: No. It's just lame.

Zack: Joking about the lameness is the whole point of this article, Steve.

Steve: She's just really weird and ugly.

Zack: That's not fair! She might not be winning any beauty pageants, but she's got that school teacher look going for her. There has got to be more going on than that.

Steve: She looks like someone I don't like.

Zack: Come on, spill it.

Steve: She looks like my mom.

Zack: Maybe it is your mom! Could it be?

Steve: No way, her name is Cassandra Sumner.

Zack: Is your mom a Republican?

Steve: Which one of them hates pornos?

Zack: Republicans.

Steve: She's a Republican then because she totally trashed my stack of Clubs I had in my closet.

Zack: Did she shoot them with a black .38 revolver?

Steve: No, she burned them in the fireplace and made the whole house stink because you're not supposed to burn magazines indoors.

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